Fraser International Canada launches in Prince Edward Island
May 10, 2016

Fraser International announces landmark deal between Faun Trackway and Kugluktuk

Fraser International Canada Ltd is the in-country agent for Faun Trackway UK Ltd, and is pleased to announce the securing of Faun’s first order in Canada which was received from the hamlet of Kugluktuk. Kugluktuk is a geographically isolated community which required a unique solution providing safe transport of marine equipment and goods to and from the shore. Faun Trackway’s Boat Ramp Kit is the perfect solution. The Boat Ramp Kit is designed to act both as a both a permanent and movable access point, capable of being removed and stored before winter temperatures hit, which would normally cause damage to traditional cement options. Fraser International Canada has been promoting FAUN Capability at trade events and specific industry seminars for the past 12 months and is seeing a great deal of interest being generated in their bespoke roadway and aircraft landing surfaces. The opportunity with Kugluktuk epitomises Faun’s ability to fit a product to the specific needs of a customer.