Overseas Business Support

Fraser International has provided a host of businesses with their international launchpad.

If you are looking to research or establish new markets overseas, develop distributorships within the UK, access or market IP, or set up collaborative working with other companies, we should be talking.

All international development decisions depend on the ability to adopt the correct and most financially viable route to market. Options for a sustainable trade model can include the formation of a wholly-owned foreign subsidiary, distributor network, agents or a combination of these elements.

Businesses often find it difficult to justify the fixed overhead of international sales professionals as permanent staff whilst their business need to develop internationally remains. This dilemma can be solved by Fraser International who can utilise its network of associates to provide the tailored support that you need.

We will provide the expert advice you need to take your ambitions to the next stage – from researching potential markets through to organising your involvement in international trade events or missions and setting up trade agreements - avoiding the expensive pitfalls along the way.