Press release – Summerside
May 29, 2018
Open for Business – City of Summerside welcomed UK delegation to explore PEI as a viable business location
January 22, 2019

Summerside … feel the energy

The Summerside Economy is diverse and strong with a new breed of young Entrepreneurs poised to shape our future. Be it the hospitality Industry, our New Micro Brewery, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Information Technology or the support organizations dedicated to supporting these new entrepreneurs. Summerside’s Economy is on a positive path forward. Summerside is a story of possibilities, it’s a story of our people and it’s a story of our spirit. Now is the time to join the energy and be part of the possibilities in Summerside.

Today we launched a first in a series of videos on our great community. It will be showcasing at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto at the end of June

Think about Summerside and the Big Possibilities and lets have a conversation about big opportunities. Please feel free to share and join the energy of our #bigpossibilities